Wednesday, September 29, 2010

General Conference Live-blog

I will be planning on doing a live-blog of General Conference this year, as I have done in previous years. I will attempt to live-blog all sessions except for Priesthood. However, my Mom-Mom passed away on Tuesday, and her wake and other family time is being scheduled for Saturday and Sunday evening. I should still be able to do both activities; however, if I am absent, you know why.


Ned said...

Condolences on your Mom-mom. I'm dealing with the recent loss of a loved one. May we both be blessed to get through this.

Pablo said...

Sorry this comment is so late, but my thoughts are with you on the passing of your Mom-Mom. I hope the wake and the other family gatherings allow you to work through your feelings in the way that you need. (((hugs)))

Kiley said...

People missed you live blogging on NOM. I am sorry and hope you are doing well.