Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its Been Awhile

As is frequently the case when things are going well, without much trauma to publicly bleed, I've let my poor blog go by the wayside for the past 2 months. Although I'd like to say that I'm back for good, sadly I will probably continue to be as busy as ever. No news is good news, folks.

To be even doubly rude, this will be a summary post of things that have happened since I've written last. I'll be keeping up with the comments, though, so if you have any specific questions about these items, I'm happy to elaborate.

I've officially resigned my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I was waiting until I had processed my emotions about my resignation before I posted on it, but now that that time has come I find that I have little I want to say. It's done, I am no longer a Mormon, I am neither sad nor relieved. At first, I felt bittersweet that it had to end the way that it did. But I don't even feel bitter or sweet about it any more - my Mormon life will always be part of my life, just as my college life or graduate student life are also part of my past. I have some regrets, but I also got my greatest prize - that of my awesome spouse - from my membership.

I'm on a low-carb diet.
About 6 weeks ago, my doctor threatened me with... well, I don't know what he was planning on threatening me with, but he insisted that I come to the office every 3 months for "obesity issues". Since my sister had gastric bypass surgery a year ago, I've been deathly afraid that I would have to go that route as well. In a last-ditch effort on my part, I started the one diet that I have never tried - I've gone low-carb. It has been surprisingly easier than I expected, and I find that I don't feel deprived the way that I usually do when I am watching what I eat.

It's also been surprising to me how much sugar they put in EVERYTHING! In looking at labels, I find myself getting uncured meats, unpasteurized dairy, unprocessed nut butters, just so that I know what is going in to my body. It has definitely been an eye-opening experience.

My work is going splendidly.
I work as a science editor. It's a niche field, but I've been very lucky recently to have picked up several new clients and expanded my business. I've also attended 3 conferences in my field. It's been very exciting. This is especially so because I'd felt for many years that my career was something to be ashamed of, because it kept me "outside the home". Ah, the peace that dispensing with others' expectations of you brings!

My husband will be cutting people open this fall... Live, in a hospital near you!
Mister Curie finishes the PhD phase of his training next week, and will be defending his dissertation. After that, it's off to the clinic for him in August. First step is a 6-week OB/GYN clerkship at an "away" rotation... Meaning, le Petite Curie and I will be doing the solo thing for a while. Mister Curie didn't exactly love his last round of clinical rotations, so let's all hope that things go better this time, mmmkay?

I think that's about it for the major items!


Donna Banta said...

Welcome back! Life does interfere with blogging, doesn't it? Glad yours is going so well.

Pablo said...

Glad to see a new post from you Madame Curie! :)

Carla Schmidt Holloway said...

happy to have you back! I feel your pain about the food - when we've got a larger income I want to do a great deal more shopping at the organic/natural grocery store.

Emily said...

:) Happy to hear you are doing so well!!! Congrats to both you and your husband.

Aerin said...

Congratulations on the resignation, the weight loss and everything. Glad your work is going well.

I am also trying to watch what I eat and work out more (more cardio). It's not easy.

From my understanding (and you probably already know this) the low carb thing is not necessarily good long term. I've read that it's good to help lose some weight, but long term the saturated fat is not supposed to be good for arteries and such. For me, I keep trying to remember that all this is a life diet - a life change. Difficult but it's been helpful. Good luck to you.

Dblock said...

I applaud your resignation, I resigned mine a few months ago. It's odd how people don't really want to hear the reasons why you left and still want to tell you great the church is, isn't it? We should talk