Saturday, July 31, 2010

I've got to admit its getting better. . .

. . . getting better all the time. As much as I really dislike the Beatles, the refrain of that song pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment. I didn't like Mister Curie's approach with his family, but I trusted him in it and I'm glad I did. It seems to be a good one - his family is responding really well, and, despite the incessant questioning I'm getting, we both appear to be accepted and loved. It is good.

Things I'm Happy for Today
1. My husband, because he compliments me so well. I'm bold and brass and he is quiet and certain. We modulate each other to reach the right temperature, and our marriage is strong because of that complementarity.

2. My son, because he loves his grandparents and they love him. He's a good, happy, well-adjusted kid. And tall, too, which a boy should be if he can manage it.

3. CottonTree Inns. We've stayed at three now, and the breakfasts are amazing, the rooms clear, the mattresses comfy, and the WiFi FREE.

4. Sunstone and friends. . . 4 days, baby! I'm looking forward to grown-up sleep-away camp!

5. My brothers in law. Br. Curie #3 remarked yesterday, "Mr. C, don't make me choose between you and your wife!" They are wonderful and fun guys. As a girl who grew up with only sisters, its great fun having brothers.

6. Trazadone and ear buds, because sleeping is never over-rated.

7. Coffee, coffee, buzz, buzz, buzz, because neither is caffeine.

8. Denny's and Taco Bell. I love breakfast meats and Americanized fast-food Mexican. They are my Idaho treat whenever I fly out here. Call it comfort food.

9. My new cell phone. It has a keyboard on it. I feel so tech-y (when, seriously, I just started texted about a month ago).

10. Literacy, because when all else fails, I can get lost in a good book.

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Vajra said...

What a great list. I want to save it, bc it seems as if I wrote it.