Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wherein the abstract becomes concrete

The following is an adaptation of a real conversation between my married, straight girlfriend B and I, right before I left for Sunstone:

B: You know, we would make a great lesbian couple. We could buy a homestead in Vermont. You would go to work in your study each day while I homsechooled our kids.

Me: Can I birth some of these kids? I love breastfeeding.

B: Of course! I'm getting tired of the breastfeeding and co-sleeping anyway. I'd make beautiful dinners, and you could bake from time to time. You could wear your Berkenstocks and we'd own cats.

Me: I'm allergic to cats.

B: Ok, puppies then.

Me: What about our husbands? Can we still keep them?

B: Of course not. I don't do polygamy. I'm a one spouse woman.

B's Husband: I've always told B she'd make a great lesbian.

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