Thursday, July 22, 2010

Panic mode

Dear Body,

I recognize that you are panicking about our upcoming trip to visit Mister Curie's family. I also recognize that my having OCD means that I am more prone to panic attacks. However, must your stress response take the form it does? Really, I can think of no situation in which GI complains, acne, severe eczema, hives, tachycardia, and high blood pressure really do any good. Unlike my cavewoman ancestors, I am not being attacked by cheetahs. No amount of fight or flight would fix this problem.

In other words, knock it off. I have a 6-hour flight tomorrow, and I don't need to be running to the bathroom, itching, and hyperventilating the entire time.




JonJon said...

If you'd like, I could send my severed hand to give you a back massage to help calm your nerves. :)

Pablo said...

Dear MC's body: Be nice to MC's mind and spirit.

Dear MC: If JonJon's severed hand doesn't calm your nerves, you have my number. That goes for Mister C too.

Safe travels. Much love to you both!

Scott said...


Aerin said...

Here is a post about some of my own experience with Anxiety. I am very familiar with some of the physical symptoms you describe.

What has helped me, in the past, is figuring out the very worst thing that could happen in a situation. And if I can be okay with that, then it helps. That knowledge helps. Good luck!