Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have a very strange pattern of sociality. Whenever I take the Meyer's Briggs test, I unfailingly score 49% introvert, 51% extrovert. I tend to be social in spurts, and then retire into a semi-hermit stage to recover.

Case in point: Last week for Christmas, we threw a huge Harry Potter-themed party. We invited everyone we knew. I made 4 British puddings from scratch, along with a 25-lb turkey, several side dishes, Butterbeer, and Pumpkin Juice. I had several games that I worked out. I baked train cakes to decorate. In total, more than 20 people came to our little row home to join in the festivities.

And then... I crashed.

I don't want to leave my house. I don't want to wear a bra or do my hair or even brush my teeth (although that one I do manage, since I recognize that cavities wait for no (wo)man). I don't want to answer the phone, call the doctor, talk to the mailman, I don't want to see ANYONE.

And I do this every. single. time. that I am social.

I do throw a mean party. We have monthly Bollywood-themed dinners and a yearly 8-course Ukrainian Easter feast. During the election season, we host parties to watch the political debates, and parties to watch the election results roll in. Quite frankly, by all estimates I seem to be the hostess with the mostest.

But the aftermath of any sort of party or event always drains me of energy for the following weeks or (in the case of the large parties) months. I would estimate that for every large party we throw, I don't want to see anyone for a good 4 weeks afterwards. If its something smaller - say, if I attend two social events at others' houses in the course of a week - then it is usually only a week or two that I am out of commission. Obviously, there is some relativity to all this; there are some friends who are actually a balm to me when I am in my hermit state, who I don't feel like I have to extend myself to be around.

But by and large.... hermit-Kate.

And, that is where I am at.

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